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Besides Retirement?

Sharon J. Cole

People Say… It’s time to Retire…. What does that Even Mean…?

OK.  So… Yes, I’m Out of Real Estate… People tell me it’s time to Retire… Well, What if I’m not Ready…?

“They Say” it’s time…Hmmm.  I found out the word “Retire” wasn’t even a word until the Industrial Age.  So, what is the Standard? What does “retire” even mean? That’s for another day.  Today, I’m going to tell you what I’m doing right now instead of retiring!

I’m taking two on-line courses to be able to do coaching on line.I will always coach in person, and in my small groups.  But so many people need help finding an alternative to “the norm” for ill health.  I want to be here for the ones who want to learn about that.

Think of times at group lunches or dinners, as to what the subjects are.  So many times it drifts to ill health, lack of sleep, or over-stress. And it’s true that some people will always go to the negative talk.  I can’t help those people.  But if someone WANTS their lives to feel better, I’m ready to help them find their path.  It’s not MY path…or someone else’s idea of what that path should look like.  It’s their very own path, according to what they want for their life.  And I’d like to help them get there.

Anyway, in doing Group Coaching on line, more people can be helped.  And that’s the direction I’ve decided to take.  The courses I’m taking are hard—it takes my brain, plus a granddaughter or two, plus anyone else who can help me with tech, to keep going.  But I’m trudging along, and still going forward.

When I’m finished, I should be able to schedule a on-line class after the first of the year.

Lately I’ve been having to preach to myself, and remind myself, to pause and take a breath.  And I am.  Life goes by too fast to fly right by with it (without living it!).  Pick the important things.  Savor the feelings.  The people around us.  That’s where our real life is.

There ARE ways to do it.  Sometimes it’s really hard to find that place.  But after some thinking, and some figuring, the code can be cracked.  It’s so individual though, only YOU can do it.  Just pick your direction, take a step or two toward that direction, and start looking for clues to make it work.  Chances are, you’ll find some.

The beginning of my new online course outline seems to be shaping up to be for overcoming overwork and overwhelm, with health and habits.  It will involve overcoming debilitating stress, learning some new ways of eating, figuring out ways to get our bodies moving—and learning how totally NECESSARY that is (for our VERY LIFE), and learning we can have good sleep.  And also, that we REALLY CAN make new and lasting habits with small tweaks in our lives.

If we don’t change those things that our bodies so desperately need changed, Inflammation will eventually invade our bodies somewhere—probably at our weakest points—and cause all kinds of havoc.

Did you know that Inflammation is at the source of most of our health issues?  We were made for inflammation to be a sign to us that our bodies needed to heal, like if we hit our thumb with a hammer, and it gets really red and throbs—that’s inflammation.  It helps that thumb heal.  But if that inflammation is inside us, caused from eating junk food and being a couch potato most of the time (and other factors, for sure), it attacks us on the inside, and we don’t give it a break; it just stays on high alert. 

We’re not made to be continually attacked long-term, and Dis-Ease will eventually take control.  If we can pay attention to what our bodies are trying to tell us, WE can take control, and we can calm that inflammation.

Many may not realize, it’s Inflammation in our brains that help Alzheimer’s along.  And it happens years and years before we realize there’s a problem.

Health is good.  A diet of good, Whole foods are good. A Full Night’s Sleep is good.  Rest and Peace and Calm are good.  Making Good Habits is good.

Some people disagree with those statements.  And it’s our choice.  If we want to live with energy and actually feel good, listening to our bodies and taking care of ourselves is the key.  There’s no way around it.  Real food.  Real Rest.  Real time to be at peace and reflect a bit.

I don’t want to change your life.  But if you want to Change your Life, I’m here to help you.

To your Better Life…


If you would like to schedule a one-on-one session with me, just email me and let me know.  I respond to email, and I’m here and I want to help you.  Let’s create some more Calm together.

Meet Sharon

Sharon is the founder of Where is Your Calm, and is dedicated to the wellness of every client she has. She graduated from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy in 2019 and has been doing group coaching and individual coaching since then.

Sharon is a caring haven for people of all ages to address their overwhelm and overwork, helping them to improve their life with small changes in their lifestyle and nutrition habits. She regularly attends classes and training to keep up with the most innovative practices to address her clients' needs.  

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