Sharon J. Cole

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach 

My name is Sharon Cole, and I'm a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach.

I've had previous careers in banking and in Real Estate, and I’ve loved them both. I just recently retired from real estate after owning our own company for several years.

After experiencing some health issues a few years back and struggling to find answers, I finally became acquainted with functional medicine, which seeks to restore health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual. Taking a functional approach helped me get my life back.  

That’s when I fell in love with wanting to shine a light on this path for people who were in need of something extra for their health. You don't have to stay stressed and suffering. There is a different path available, and it has to do with uncovering the actual cause of health problems. 

As Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, I'm passionate about journeying with you as you find your way to energy, health, and joy.

My Mission

Stress + Overwork = Unhappy Life

Calm + Health = Energetic, Full Life

Small Life Changes = An Enjoyable Life

Your Life... Your Goals... We Share the Journey...

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"Sharon is such a warm, wise and insightful coach! In each session, I felt her kind and thoughtful presence and appreciate her talent for helping me clarify and identify my thoughts!  

She has helped me focus on my priorities, emphasized my strengths, and through her insightful questions, she encouraged simple steps to ease my stress. She has shared valuable self-care tools and useful tips – always asking first if I was interested. 

I find her approach very warm and respectful and her authentic accepting presence makes it easier for me to feel comfortable to share my truth. I really feel Sharon cares and her compassionate connection makes working with Sharon I believe so extra effective and special for me. I am so very grateful for my time with her – it has been so helpful!"

Lucy T., stressed teacher wanting to change careers

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