Some days....

Sharon J. Cole

Some Days…


Some Days are just not as good as others… Do you agree?


As you probably do, I try to stay up “on Cloud 9” (as my husband Farrell calls it) on most days.  Things may not be going like you want day-to-day, but you see the good, and focus there, and your day feels (and is) blessed, in spite of the rough edges.

Then there are days we can see the good “out there”, but it seems hard to keep our focus on it.  Too many distractions, or over-commitments, overwork, major disappointments, or just about anything!

Does that happen to you sometimes?  What do you do to counteract those feelings and get back on track?


If you will indulge me in allowing me to tell you about my own day, it’s possible it may help you at some point on one of those unfortunate days.


This was one of those days for me.  I could not seem to get out of the mulligrubs.  Actually, I didn’t much want to even try.


So I checked in with a comfortable friend and sister about lunch. (Friends & family do come in handy at times like this—if you don’t have a friend or two like this, make some.)  She had no plans, and we met for lunch.

          We were together less than an hour, ate food that wasn’t overly healthy—ok—pizza…and flavored coffee…but the connection was what made the difference.  It did my heart good.  And gave me enough of a lift to diffuse some “citrus bliss” and peppermint essential oils in my little office when I got back to work.  Diffusing oils truly DOES make a difference.

          Oddly enough, my little Apple speaker in the other part of the office, began playing my Pandora playlist from my phone—on its own! As if it knew that’s just what I needed! It had been unplugged during the holidays and has been plugged in for a week or two without playing at all…but just decided to come to life on its own today!


          So many things going on around us…and within us.  All the unrest that’s going on in our country, and in the World.  And then in our own little world.  And in our own little space, and our own body.  We’re not in charge of all that’s going on—so we can’t just make “right” decisions that would make a direct difference in the huge world we live in.  The most effective thing we actually can do is to pray.  So, prayer is powerful.  There’s ONE in charge, that knows it all.  He knows how our story will end…on our own personal level, for our nation, and all over the world.  But specifically, for us!

          He doesn’t always give us what we want, or what we pray for.  Sometimes he lets us learn that the ball isn’t always in His court.  Sometimes he wants us to take charge of some of the happenings in our own lives, and see what tweaks we can make, to help OURSELVES to perk things up.


          Eating good food is helpful—but it wasn’t today.  A little warm social time did it today, instead.

Enough good quality rest is helpful—but this past night I didn’t have that.  So I just went easy on. myself today; nudged myself along a little bit, but didn’t expect great and mighty things from me.  And my body and mind appreciated that, and relaxed a little bit. Ahhhh…


          The essential oils diffusing were calming, relaxing, yet were able to add some life to my mind and body. 


Another hurdle…My workday is being cut short today, to run an errand—not for myself.  It’s a little stressful for my workday to be cut short, with my work still needing done—but after nurturing myself somewhat, I was able to choose the thoughts that: I will be able to soak up a little bit of outside air; I’ll be home early and can spend some extra time fixing our evening meal; I’ll probably get my work done anyway if I stretch myself just a little bit, and ultimately I’m able to feel good about it all at the end of the day.


          So this hasn’t been a “Cloud 9” day.  But after a few tweaks here and there, it is truly a GOOD day!  Not a Pollyanna good day, but a day that began with gray instead of light and bright color; slowness instead of energy (physically and mentally), and a just plain “blahhh” beginning, which gave me the opportunity to choose to make a few different changes, and the outlook of my day also changed.

          I didn’t eat healthy food; healthy food is good—it makes your days (and your life) go better, but this day I didn’t have it.

          I didn’t walk today or exercise in any way; regular exercise is a “must”, and I’ve been walking my goal of at least one mile per day, plus exercising.

          My rest the night before wasn’t good; good sleep is also a “must” for good health.  But not this time.


          But there were a couple of things I DID do, that made the difference.

(1) I reduced my stress everywhere I could, as I rolled with the parts of the day I couldn’t control, and

(2) I reached out for the connection of a warm relationship.

These two things are what saved my day, and kept me from being “down-in-the-mouth” all day, and into my evening at home.  My day was actually “good” in spite of how I felt.


          It’s wonderful if we can bend with the wind, like the tree planted by the water—it keeps us from BREAKING. We can stay where we’re rooted, and just keep on growing.  And…

          It’s heaven-sent to make a connection with a loving relationship.  Our lives and the lives of others around us are built on these connections.  You may not have these close relationships.  It will truly pay you (and the ones you connect with) to search out people to “grow” into your friends.  They don’t have to be perfect; they don’t have to agree with you about everything; just someone that you can at the beginning, just share smiles and conversations, and trust.  Truly care about them.  Nurture them.  Make them your friend.  Someone who has a good solid friend or two has a really good and valuable thing.  And good relationships help us in sooo many ways.


          This may not be the prescription for your day in the mulligrubs—but maybe it can show you that you can look around and think a little bit; maybe say a little prayer; maybe make a couple of positive changes, opening yourself up to relationships and care; and see if that day for you can be upgraded.  You might even end up being a blessing to another person.  How great that would be!


          Thank you for letting me share my day with you.  Thank you for reading the words I write.  I appreciate you!


Until next week, To Your GOOD Days!!



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