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Oops!  I ate that Brownie!!




I’ve been doing so good forever!  Eating good colorful vegetables; eating blueberries and raspberries, and watermelon.  Eating good quality Grassfed beef and free range chicken.  And free range chicken eggs.


We went to the Cattlemen’s Association Annual Auction where my husband auctions off pies and cakes and other desserts to raise money for the FFA (Future Farmers of America) and 4-H kids.


Before we left for the auction I drank a small protein shake so I wouldn’t be tempted by their dinner, in case it was off my list of foods I want to eat, so I was able to just eat a beautiful, juicy hamburger patty (without the bun) and some nice crisp lettuce and some beans.  Perfect!


My husband, Farrell, does this for them every year.  Well, they appreciated him doing it, and Luke Alston, President of the Polk County Cattlemen’s Association, bid over $150 for some “double good” brownies (made by Linda Craig, who is an awesome cook), and they gave those “double good” $150 brownies to us, in appreciation!



On the way home, I said, “Used to, we would have wanted to get into this when we got home, and we would’ve eaten it tonight.”  He said “I still do want to.” 😳


When we got home, I went in the house while he parked the truck in the garage.  I was the one carrying the brownies.  Those “Double Good” Brownies.  (I’m not typically tempted like this).


Through the clear wrap, they looked soooo good!  They looked so moist!  And looked to be FULL of walnuts!  I got a spoon (I sure wasn’t going to eat a whole brownie!) and I cut a small piece off of the brownie.  Ohhh, my!!  Wow!  Every single bit as good as they looked!  I cut off another little bite.  By this time, Farrell was inside—he didn’t notice.  He said, Well, we really shouldn’t have any of this tonight, as late as it is.  Hmmm.


I had to confess; I’ve already had some.  I proceeded to continue to eat little cut-off pieces of the brownie until that little brownie was gone.  I may have eaten another one—I truly can’t remember.  I think Farrell did eat two. 


Anyway, for some reason, it didn’t affect my sleep, even though it was late when the brownie caper occurred.  The next morning, there that dish of brownies was…still there!!  Well; I ate two.  I promise, this is almost 100% never a problem for me.  But SOMETIMES… there’s just “that time” when it matters!


That afternoon, when I got home late, and Farrell came in late from working with the cattle, hot and tired…we had no pre-plan for dinner.  He said, How about popcorn.  Well.  That sounded very comforting to me.  And delicious.


The next thing I knew we were popping corn on the stove and melting butter for it.  And it was delicious.


So.  No strength to get to church that night.  I truly did want to learn more about what we’re studying (it’s in Revelation, and our pastor is doing such a good job with the study!) but I just did not have the energy to get there.


After popcorn, Well, we certainly can’t eat anything else tonight!  So popcorn was our dinner.


Next morning I had to be in town early, so brushing that pesky headache to the side, rushing to town, no breakfast… there we go to begin our day.


By this time, all that food/not food had caught up to both of us.  We’re tired; don’t feel good; no energy; not really acting very nice…not even a passing thought toward exercising or anything else we should do.


So… that evening when we got home…we had to do something about those brownies!  So we ate them while we fixed dinner.


And…that’s how it works, you’all!!!


It’s like we had no control!  But we really do have control.  And it helps to feel we’re in control if we plan ahead—plan for temptations (better than I died) and plan for the meals for the next day so there won’t be a last-minute issue of eating the wrong food.



When we as Americans eat the Standard American Diet continuously day after day, our bodies get so used to it, we think it’s normal—and our body fights as hard as it can to keep us well and keep us energized, as good as it can.  We don’t even realize how good we could actually be feeling because we’re so used to feeling tired and overburdened.


Needless to say, after a couple of days of that, I was having sautéed spinach, onions and fresh chopped jalapeños with eggs scrambled into it and eating with a piece of sausage and drinking protein coffee for breakfast for the next three days at least, eating simple healthy lunches and light dinners.  Getting myself back on track.  It took a few days before my body was sleeping good again, and before I felt like doing my daily exercises and any other thing that would take energy.


After we’ve felt good—felt the effects of good nourishment into our bodies and felt the effects of good movement each day and good sleep, we can certainly tell the drastic difference when we show such little value and respect to our own bodies, even for a short time.  It’s actually a blessing to be able to see so quickly, and have such good knowledge to see first hand, what good care for our body truly does.


So we know the good care is also keeping us from the most common deadly diseases: heart disease, diabetes, dementia, etc.  I believe one of these days it will be common to eat good food, and very uncommon for unhealthy food to even be served.  But education on this needs to come a long way first.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could cure these diseases before they start in our bodies?  I believe…some day…


Right now, in order to keep ourselves feeling good, and to keep our bodies healthy, we do have to dedicate our thinking toward how to do that; we have to plan our meals better; we have to plan our time better so we can fit in:

1.     Time to prepare and cook healthy meals of good quality food;

2.     Movement for our bodies…every day…it’s so necessary;

3.     Time to just simply care for our bodies…and our minds too—in whatever way feels the best to our judgment…maybe resting a half hour, sitting on the porch and enjoying the outdoors, or walking for half hour or so, or some type of movement, and

4.     Time to think.  About our life; about our family; about the next day and the next week.  And what our plans are: Plans for the next day and Plans for the next week, and also Plans for our family.  Just thinking about our life. And Planning for more of it to enjoy!

We need to do things that we enjoy doing—that are also good for our body and mind.  If we aren’t used to it—which most of us aren’t, it takes a little time to think of these things.  But we can do it. And our body and mind will help us see the difference.


If we want to have the energy to enjoy our life, enjoy our family, and enjoy doing things with people we love, it is so important to take care of ourselves.


We don’t have to feel “old”.  Let’s see how long we can feel young—let’s make feeling young the New Normal!


If you’d like to do this, and you need help or guidance, I can help you…after all, you can see… I have experience! 🥰


If you are interested in actual one-on-one coaching, in August I will be offering (for August only) a 4-session (4-weeks) package discounted for $160.  That would be $40 per session.  It’s pretty impossible to make progress with just one or two coaching sessions is the reason for the 4 weeks—to give you opportunity for greater success.


Let’s stay Young!  Let’s experiment with Health and just see what happens!!


Message me with any questions or any help you need.


Thank you for reading; I appreciate you!


To your Health and Long Life!



Meet Sharon

Sharon is the founder of Where is Your Calm, and is dedicated to the wellness of every client she has. She graduated from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy in 2019 and has been doing group coaching and individual coaching since then.

Sharon is a caring haven for people of all ages to address their overwhelm and overwork, helping them to improve their life with small changes in their lifestyle and nutrition habits. She regularly attends classes and training to keep up with the most innovative practices to address her clients' needs.  

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