Is Your Body Talking to You?

Sharon J Cole

Is Your Body Talking to You?


Well, if you’re having some problems with your body, chances are that’s what’s happening.  It doesn’t matter if its

1.       sore,

2.       itching,

3.       headaches,

4.       sinus issues,

5.       sleeplessness,

or if it is

1.       cancer,

2.       hypertension,

3.       heart disease or

4.       diabetes, or other disease.


If that sounds odd, or maybe a little insulting, or oversimplified, it may be. But I encourage you to do a couple of things:

1.       Pay real close attention to your body.  For instance, after you eat certain things, or after you do certain things—things you think your body may be possibly rejecting for some reason.

2.       Check in with a Functional Medicine Doctor, or a doctor who investigates and treats the cause of an ailment instead of treating the symptoms alone.


We know our bodies speak to us to let us know when we’re hungry, or thirsty, or tired, or use the bathroom.  It also speaks to us on so many other levels.  The closer attention we pay to the signals, the better we will be able to figure out what it’s trying to tell us, and to help our bodies to get back to normal: physically, emotionally, and mentally.


The list in the first paragraph, of the first 5 random symptoms (which are only a few examples), are usually the beginning of your body trying to get your attention.  You can medicate those symptoms and use all kinds of treatments on them, but if you don’t work on whatever is causing them, over time they could turn into the second list of problems.


So, can we know what our bodies are trying to tell us?


One thing for sure, we can make a lot of progress toward figuring it out if we set our goal to do that.  (The alternative to that, as I mentioned, would be to see a Functional Medicine Doctor, or its equivalent.)


Pretty much all of us know the basics that our bodies need.  And if we overstep those needs because we’re “busy” or “stressed” or for some other reason are “unable” to stop what we see is probably a “bad habit” or to start doing something that we pretty much know would be helpful to our bodies, that’s a good place to start.


Start what?   Beginning to make changes.  A little change here, and a little tweak there, to how we live our lives. Our food can give us information; so can our rest, and our stress levels, and our movement (or not), if we pay attention.


1.       When our bodies have “symptoms”, they’re telling us something’s wrong.  Mild symptoms are the beginning of that conversation.  If you’ve had an injury, you know what the pain and bruising, etc., are telling you.  So you treat the injury—you know the cause, and you treat it accordingly.


2.       When you have a cold, you may not know what exactly caused it, but you can do positive things for your body that strengthen it and support your immune system, so the symptoms will leave quicker, and you’ll feel good again.  This would also make you inclined to leave off sugars and stress, and other things that would work against your immunity.


3.       When you have a “stomach bug” fairly often, there’s actually usually a real cause, that can be corrected, either by strengthening your immune system to keep “the bugs away”, or by changing your diet to leave out the foods  that are making your body unhappy.


4.       When you feel anxious or nervous, your body may be telling you to (1) ease up a little on how much you’re doing; or (2) to slow down your pace a little.  Or (3) it could be that your body isn’t getting enough of the right nutrients to feed your nervous system.  Or (4) it’s possible you’re just not getting enough good sleep at night.  You  might check in with yourself to see if you still feel those anxious feelings when you are doing something fun or things you enjoy, then try making some small changes from there.


(And if you need help with any changes at all, I will be happy to help you)


Sometimes, if we pay attention, we can notice that if we get emotionally upset or angry, or over-stressed, it affects our bodies in negative ways.


When we are stressed, our bodies are designed to overcome it occasionally.  Stress is actually a good thing.  It is a natural response to challenges we occasionally face.  It helps keep our senses sharp; it can increase our focus and motivation.  This is good during tests, interviews or games, etc.  And of course, it helps us respond to danger.


But if we continue allowing ourselves to experience the emotional upsets or continual stresses, it’s possible for these symptoms to set in and become more chronic, which actually over time allow us to become sick.  The word “disease” actually says it like it is: Dis-Ease.  So if we ignore the signals it’s giving us, it will finally let us know it can’t keep that up.


Statistics show that over 80% of doctors’ visits have their origin in relation to stress.  And long-term, it can also lead to depression, mental health problems, and heart disease, among other illnesses.  So in these cases, the stress is actually what needs to be addressed in order to stop the symptoms.


So, what can we do to improve our bodies?

First: Learn your body’s way of communicating with you.  Just pay attention.  Pay attention when you eat things you think might be causing problems in your body.  When you have symptoms, try to think back at what you’ve eaten, how you’ve slept, if you ate a large meal, or if you ate late in the evening, or what kind of exercise you did, or not; and also check in on your relationships—if there’s a long-term problem there, it can also cause problems in your health.


The Bible gave us wise words in saying to be at peace with all people, as much as we were able.  It’s actually helpful to our health.


When you see something that you think could actually be the culprit, change it up, either your food, or whatever it is you think might be causing your symptoms.


Everyone is different.  What affects one person, truly may not affect the next person at all.  And with this being the case, the solution to a similar problem in the next person, may not be the same solution at all—because their symptoms may come from a totally different source.




I’ll tell you a story that might help explain what it means for our body to try to communicate with us.  These examples are close to home; myself and my husband Farrell, although there are examples everywhere.


When I was covered in a rash, severe in some places, my body was trying to talk to me.  I couldn’t understand what it was saying…just thought this rash stuff just came to me like any other illness—even though I didn’t usually get sick.


I worked hard, but I liked working so I saw no problem with that.  At that time I didn’t take time off to just rest and renew, or revive, or repair—anything about myself.  I enjoyed my life (which was pretty much my work).  All was good so far as I knew—just this RASH!! It stung and itched at night; I had to take ibuprofen before I took a shower so I could stand the water touching me.  But you know, I continued to work.  I didn’t pay attention.  The rash on my hands was killing my fingernails, and they began to turn black and come off.  So I decided to get to the bottom of it.  Many doctors and dermatologists could not help.


I researched on the internet until I learned about Functional Medicine.  Then I learned they could actually help Autoimmune Conditions, which one dermatologist said it probably was related to that (with no known cause, and No Cure).


The functional medicine doctor “prescribed” 15 minutes of relaxation per day.  I felt I couldn’t do it; we concluded for me to sit on the porch just being outside, for 15 minutes each day.  He also put me on an Elimination Diet (a temporary diet which removes everything from your diet that could possibly abuse inflammation in my body). 


I did the diet faithfully for over 2 months. My skin cleared up. Even though Functional Medicine doctors prescribe medication when necessary, I had no medication during this time.  And as I gradually added foods back in, I continued to enjoy so many other benefits; I felt better; had more energy; slept better, and I lost weight.


My husband decided he would eat exactly like I did. (Thank you, Farrell!). When we started, he had problems with his knees, with pain and with walking.  Before a month was up, he was walking normally and without pain.  He had also snored at that time (which we considered “normal”), and I began to notice he didn’t snore anymore—what a bonus!  Also, he had previously it was normal for him to have indigestion after eating.  That totally stopped.


His body had been talking to him too, but he had already decided it was just “old age” and the effects of years of hard work on the farm.


He had taken blood pressure medicine for several years, and last year he decided he wanted to be off the medicine.  We used Dr. Mark Hyman’s recommended diet to normalize your blood pressure, and within a month his blood pressure was consistently normal every day.


I am in no way suggesting that you do not take prescription medication.




If you are plagued with symptoms, and if you aspire to improve your health, you’re in the right space.


If you would like to contact a functional medicine doctor, you can go to and search for a doctor who is certified as such. Or if you’d like me to help you find a doctor, I can.


If it is your goal to change your habits, which can be very challenging at best (to actually carry through with those changes long term), and if you’d like help in making those changes, I can help you follow through and actually have long-term results.


My space is a Judgment-Free Zone here.  And I can help you.


I won’t tell you what you need to do—that’s your choice.

I won’t tell you how to do it—that’s your choice.

I won’t tell you what results you should want—that’s your choice.

What I will do, is show you what paths you could take to reach the goal you want, and I will go along with you on your journey to help you stay on the path you choose—making adjustments along the way if you choose.


Feel free to call me, or email me, or send me a message.

My phone is (479) 385-6100

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Thank you for reading today; I hope this has been helpful to you, as I want you to live and enjoy your life to the fullest!



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