Are Your Goals Working?

Sharon J Cole



Are you having a hard time getting all your tasks done? 


Do you have Goals? 


Are they working for you? 


What kind of goals are they? 

Are they in a List of “To-Do’s”? 

Why do you want those specific goals? 

(To make sure you get all your Tasks done, for your work?) 

THINK About That for a bit. 


Think about, when those Tasks are done, will there be other “Tasks” already filling their place, and making that list ever longer…keeping you in the same stressed state, not getting everything done?  Sometimes feeling like you’re not getting Anything done. 


Do you Ever reach the END of your list? 


Can ALL of it Ever Really get done?  Is it Even Possible?? 


Let’s Look at it from a Different Slant… 


(For a Moment, don’t think even a second about “How” your “wants” will happen.  Just Let your Imagination Fly Free here for a Little While) 


Let’s Begin with (please stay with me here for a minute): 

1. What are your Goals for your Life? For Real.  Big Goals. 

2. What do you Want to Enjoy, in your Life? 

3. Where, Physically, do you want to be? 

4. How do you Want to Feel, while you’re Enjoying your Life? 


Some Examples Could be: 

I want to Enjoy a day or three a week with my Family; 

I’d like to feel free to take a vacation…or two…without guilt or stress; 

I’d like to have time and money to do those things; 

I want to spend time with Family, free from devices, stress-free; 

I’d like to have a house (your full, detailed description) 

I want to feel Rested, and Relaxed; 

I want time to have  Fun; 

I want to have time to appreciate my home, my family and my friends. 


Try doing this exercise.  It could be the real beginning of something… 


The things you come up with, write them down.  All of them. 


Then Choose One. 

Then Consider, How Much would I have to Make, to Begin to Enjoy this part of my life, This Way? 

What Changes Would Need to be Made? 

What could I Re-Arrange to Start toward that Change? 

If one of your challenges is “Time”, Make your #1 Goal to be Thinking and Figuring out, Who Could Take up Some Slack for me? Or Could I cut some things out that would give me time to focus on This One Area for Right Now. 


Have you wanted to make changes in your Stress-Filled Life?  How long have you wanted to make those changes?  How much change have you made toward that? 


If you make NO changes in the foreseeable future, what will it cost you? 

1. in Peace of Mind 

2. in Time with the People Valuable to you 

3. in Stress 

4. in Your Health… 


The one thing you chose, that you wanted, do you want to commit to working toward that one thing? 

If you gained that one thing in your life, would it give you: 

a little more peace of mind… 

Maybe a little more time with family/friends… 

Maybe it would be a little bit of stress-relief… 

Maybe help you to have a little bit better health, or feel a little bit better? 


Hopefully that one thing you chose would help you with at least a couple of those.  Because if we enjoy our lives, it DOES help with stress relief, and Peace of Mind, and it DOES help us feel better and have better health. 


If you wrote down this One Thing,  


Think of, and write down a list of things that you could possibly change, to help you reach that one goal, and  

Make a commitment to do everything you can to make those changes.  

Add those tasks into your calendar by date, and times, of when you will work on them,  

Blocking out those times specifically for that.   

Guard those times with great importance, not letting other things bleed into those times. 

Go ahead with your List of Tasks that you already have.   


Go Over that List.  Check to see if there are Too Many Things on it.  This is Important.  If there are too many things on it that No One Could Possibly Get Done…that would be actually physically impossible for Anyone to get done in the time you’re giving yourself…look at the stress this puts on you…and it’s not even possible to get it done!  What could you possibly lose by taking things off your list that you Can Not get done. Well, except some stress. 


The Goal here is to WIN, not lose.  So put things on your list (AFTER you block out your important time) that it are actually possible for a human being to physically get done.  Or Find that Person (or system) that can be a help to you.   

Otherwise, I’m assuming you like to punish yourself by continually setting yourself up to fail.  Think a moment:  Would you treat anyone else like that? 


About the Money…if you are more focused (on the Vision you want for your Life, and how to get there), you will be able to work more smoothly; your work will be more efficient, finished in a more timely way, and you will be more apt to get more work done, more easily.  If your income depends on what work you get done, this should increase your income. 


If you are on salary, and as you see your work becoming more efficient, it could be a good time to uncover that hidden nugget of your accomplishment, to someone who matters, and see if it would be a possibility to decrease your hours (leaving your pay the same), or increasing your pay—or giving you a paid vacation time, or something else that would be win/win, AND that would help you get to your goal.  It might even help if you explained your goal to them.  That might make all the difference. 


Your Challenges: Yes, they will be there with you.  Think ahead for what obstacles you can imagine coming up.  Plan for them.  Plan your strategy for when they happen.  Also, be ready for some hurdles you hadn’t thought of, and plan to keep your determination and overcome them.  Then, Adjust if you need to, and keep putting one foot in front of the other…Toward Your Vision for your Life. 


You may think “this will not work”…But if you TRY, what have you lost?  And you probably will be very much Surprised! 


Choose a safe place to keep your List of Your Real Life Vision.  You’ll need it later, to choose your Next Goal to Focus on. 


If you increase your focus working toward a true, specific, positive Vision that you have made for your life… 

You should begin to see progress…and 

It will help you work toward your Next Thing You Choose from your List 

It may help you want to take better care of your body, eating better, resting, sleeping better, getting some form of movement for your body (so it can serve you better), and I believe each thing will absolutely help you reduce your Stress, and improve your well being—and move yourself closer to your (Big) Goals. 


As a Side Note: 

Health Care Costs are $3.8 Trillion 

84% of those costs are Chronic Diseases, including Autoimmune Diseases. 

Functional Medicine considers these as Treatable and even Preventable. 


Research shows the Number 1 Stressor is Financial. 

It shows the Number 2 Stressor is Work-Related. 

And the havoc these Stressors do to us is Disease

These truly Can Be Overcome. 


An exercise such as the one I’ve given you can set you on your way toward a better life, that You Choose. 


If I can help you with tips on changing your habits, or with any other help, please contact me. 


Thank you for reading my article. 



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Sharon is the founder of Where is Your Calm, and is dedicated to the wellness of every client she has. She graduated from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy in 2019 and has been doing group coaching and individual coaching since then.

Sharon is a caring haven for people of all ages to address their overwhelm and overwork, helping them to improve their life with small changes in their lifestyle and nutrition habits. She regularly attends classes and training to keep up with the most innovative practices to address her clients' needs.  

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