Finding Wins

Sharon J. Cole

Have you reached any milestones or goals this week?


If you have not, there’s sure no crime in that.  Some times that’s just the way it is.  And it’s absolutely ok.  Even though I’m pretty sure you’ve accomplished some things you might not have considered.


My goal since last year’s family reunion in September, has been to be able to walk the trail from the lodge to Lover’s Leap, and all the way around to the other end of the trail, this year, without anyone having to WAIT for me!  It’s not that far, but in places, it’s a little rugged. And the last couple of years it’s been hot.


So, all year I’ve had that intention.  Swimming hasn’t helped that much; walking 2-3 times a week hasn’t helped that much.  So last week I joined the gym.  I got an organized plan—and began.  My plan is 4 days a week at the gym.  In addition to the workouts, I’ve walked outside the last couple of days, and instead of my usual leisurely walk, I actually put intention into it.


(I still took a few pictures along the way, but I’ll just learn to do that on the run, because I absolutely love to do that!)


Walking with this “intention” for those two days, I cut my 1.3 mile walk time by 6 minutes!


This week I have two early morning commitments so it makes my gym time a little harder to make.  But the first day I just went early—7:30 a.m.  And I think I can make the rest of the week work out, so I don’t slide into skipping a planned day.




Another thing I’ve accomplished this week, is I actually am preparing and cooking the samples of meals from Hello Fresh.  They send all the fresh ingredients, and I prepare them and follow the recipe.  So far, each one has taken more time than they estimated, but don’t take more than an hour or so.  The finished product of the meals is absolutely delicious.




Extra cooking; Time working out at the gym; Walking.  Have I felt cramped for time?  Yes.  All week I’ve felt that I was pushing to catch up, in addition to this week I’m preparing my group coaching class for Saturday.


So, the key is…When our time and our life get hectic, we MUST find bits of time to rest, and restore our bodies and minds.


Will I be stressed this week?  Probably, a little bit.


Will I find time to rest, and regenerate?  Yes.  I will.  It is my priority.  I’ve learned that’s the most efficient way for my body to work—and my mind!  I do have to make hard decisions sometimes—leaving off something I really did want to do.


I try to be as organized as I can—one key here is to scan my “To Do” list, and make sure my list is actually “do-able”—like, will it actually fit into the hours of the day that I have available.  No matter how super human we have to be at times, if our time doesn’t have enough of those available hours in it to accommodate the list… Well… we’ll be hitting our head against the wall for a long time, trying to get it all done. Futile effort.  I think that’s been one of my downfalls through the years, actually having more things on my list than was even possible for anyone to get done.


There’s a solution to that…you need to STOP.  Re-group.  If it’s not even possible to get it all done, some things will have to come off that list.  I mean, Be Real.  Look at it all Honestly. 


The things that must get done, decide which days you will be doing them so you can make sure those days are able to handle it—then, give those things times on your calendar.  Specific times.  Then, what I think is the most important thing…put a cushion time before/after each thing on the list.  Because random things just come up!  You’ll love how it makes you feel.




What is your Vision for Why you want those things done?  For instance, I will pretty much for sure stick to my plan for my body, working out at the gym, etc.  How do I know?  Because my real goal…my Vision is to be able to keep up with the rest of the younger family while walking the harder parts of the trail on the mountain, at our family reunion.  I really do want that. 


So figure out what you really are working toward.  And work your “list” around that.




If you’re having trouble thinking of some wins for yourself, just keep thinking.  I can pretty much guarantee you’ve had some, even when it seems like everything’s upside down.


Trying to think of other things I’ve accomplished, I’m realizing most days I did take time to get some swimming in, and I’ve been able to practice “Intermittent fasting” for at least 14 hours, almost every single day.  And probably the most important thing I’ve done is, I’ve been able to successfully help several people this past week.


It makes you feel good when you get some wins…or even one win!




On a side note, my group class Saturday is about Brain Health, and the things that help keep our brains healthy and sharp.  Did you know having friends helps keep our brain healthy?  Of course other things enter into it, but I think that’s pretty cool.


Some people say genes play a big role, but research is showing that you can actually alter your genes with nutrition and lifestyle.


I’ll be starting new group sessions soon.  They will be on the basics:





I’d love to have you join my classes.  If you’re interested, let me know.


Look for some of your  “Wins” this week…and work toward some new ones.


Hope you week’s been not only productive, but fun!


Thank you for reading! I appreciate you!



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Sharon is the founder of Where is Your Calm, and is dedicated to the wellness of every client she has. She graduated from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy in 2019 and has been doing group coaching and individual coaching since then.

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