Easter... Oh, and Putting Things Off

Sharon J Cole

Easter… oh, and Putting Things Off 


Why do we put things off that we need to do? 


(Have you done your taxes?) 

Good if you have!!  I keep saying NEXT year, I’ll do better! 


Well, this year I’m proving I can actually do it—on time.  Because for some financial and tax reasons, I truly HAVE TO this year.  So I now can say, It’s Something within my Reach!  I can do it!! 




But what happens when we put off what we know will have to be done at some point? 



  • When we do this we train our minds that it’s acceptable, and that bleeds over into other areas of our life, and our decision-making. 
  • It costs us so much time in lack of planning.  Our time and energy are actually spent in going over and over, numerous times, the thoughts of “having to do itand then dismissing it from our mind.  If that time and energy, and thought process, was actually used to plan on getting it done, it would be done and we could be on to  greater things without being: 
  • Set back in our work; 
  • Nagged with these little guilt feelings; 
  • Pulled back instead of being able to allow ourselves to calmly glide forward.       

3.  Look at all the brain energy that we use, and it’s possibly over a period of months; 

4.  The lack of planning, then a quick “have to” deadline no doubt costs us money, because we don’t have a chance to think through our actual plan of ways we can save, or ways to increase our income or do a better job, (and in the way of taxes, pay less in taxes).   


When we put off things in other areas of our life (other than taxes!), it’s the same concept. 

If we’re working to move forward in our business, or in our personal life, or in any way, there is no doubt that putting things off stalls our mind at least a little bit, and probably a lot.  If we just take care of the tasks that we know we should do, it would give us more lightness and more energy to move forward along our path. 

And when we continue to put these things off, we develop a habit of putting things off, and have a really hard time creating momentum. 

Also, continuing to “not” do what we know we should or must do, gives us a feeling of failure—small, but still there in the background; and that never feels good, continuing to keep us from easily moving forward on our life’s journey. 

Also, when we don’t do what we’re “supposed” to do, there are slight guilt pangs that nag us every so often, and as much as we push it back and move around it, those little discomforts hinder our journey toward the things we’re working toward. 

When we have momentum, it’s much easier for our life to go forward smoothly, and each of these little things pulls us back just a little and detours our strength and ease of mind that we could have.  When we can trudge on with an easy mind, it’s easier for our progress to go smoothly. 

Our brain power is virtually limitless according to people who study that sort of thing; but when we’re constantly telling it to “wait” on anything, it stifles the new and different things we could be thinking of, and the creative, or exciting ideas we could be coming up with.  This no doubt costs us in other ways too. 




I’m changing it with my instance, because I have to.  That’s one way to get it done.  That’s not the best way. 


  • If you have your goals, and you REALLY want to reach your goals, re-think your reason you want the goals.  Re-think why they’re important to you.  Then Re-Decide that you Really do want to Reach those Goals. 
  • Then figure out the things you’d have to do to get it done at all.  Look at each task separately and estimate how long each part of that task would take. 
  • Then Think: If I completed that project Early, When would I like to have it done? 
  • Look at your calendar and show the Completion Date; then work backward by how long each task would take, and decide when you can actually, truly make time to do each of them, and write each of them on timeframes in your calendar. 
  • Determine to do it! 
  • And…It’s DONE!! 


AND … A new habit is being formed! 

AND … You’re ‘way ahead of yourself from where you would have been, working along your chosen path, whatever that is! 

  • (If you don’t have goals, it’s time to come up with some.) 




As for EASTER… 


This coming Sunday is Easter Sunday.  We call it Resurrection Sunday, following “Good Friday” signifying the day Jesus was actually crucified. 


I wanted to remind you that Jesus Christ died for our sins.  In centuries past, there had to be a blood sacrifice to atone for the sins of the people, and the blood of animals was used.  This was done at the temple, and it was required under the old law. 


When Jesus, the Son of God, came down from heaven to live as a man on this earth, He became human so that He could offer himself as the ultimate blood sacrifice for our sins.  He suffered, was beaten unmercifully, was naked, humiliated and shamed, and died on a wooden cross.  He took the sins of each and every one of us onto himself, offering His own blood for our sins.  He then rose from the grave, going back to Heaven, making a way for us to do the same.   


Jesus wants for each of us to love Him, to open our hearts to him, accept Him and His Love, into your heart. 


The one most important thing for you not to put off, is acknowledging to Jesus (I’m so thankful we have the great privilege of speaking directly to Him), that He is God’s son, and that He did die, and rose from the grave, making the way for us to follow, and that He loves us. 


We are not promised another day, or another single minute on this earth.  If you choose to receive His love, Jesus will forgive you of your sins, and his Holy Spirit will help you live a true life unto Him.   


Will we ever be perfect? No.  But we are forgiven, and God will help us live the very best that we can. 


Will things always go smoothly? No. Absolutely not.  But we have someone on our side that we can talk to and who will understand, and who will love us, no matter what. 


Thank you for reading my articles;  

Love and Blessings to you and may you feel God’s Love this Easter Season.  May God’s blessings rest upon each of you and on your families. 



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