Do You Have a Goal?

Sharon J Cole

Do you have a Goal?


Having trouble reaching it?


I’ve always been told you must focus on your goal to get there.

I believe that.  But in the process of focusing on that Goal, which is important, there are a few things we need to keep in mind.


Like…how do we make sure our “every-day stuff” gets done too…


1.     Our loved ones—our people around us—need nurturing a little bit.  Even though we’re laser-focused on our goal, and we have their love and total support for our goal (and even their help), we need to make sure we set aside some of our time (and our focus) on keeping them on our priority list.  It will give you a stronger support system in the long run, paying you back with providing you more encouragement and inspiration on your journey.

2.     Another thing is, you need to make sure you take care of “YOU”.  Sometimes that’s an even harder task.  One key solution might be to have personal rituals for yourself for every day.  Non-negotiables, like for instance, you brush your teeth every day—what if you added some things into your morning ritual, like some exercise—and if not that, at least some stretches…(it will truly help your brain and your body), and if you did this outside, it will help prepare your body for better sleep…

3.     What about adding some Meditation—at least some concentration on your breathing, in and out…for a few minutes.  I promise you, it will help your disposition  and your brainpower.

4.     What about adding just a few minutes for journaling, which helps your mind to be more creative—at least make a list of 2-3 things you are thankful for every day.

5.     What about adding just a few minutes to read…books to help you learn, or to help you relax…the Bible would be good…

6.     Also, do you think you could add a few minutes in the morning to prepare for your dinner meal that night?

Yes…I know…that’s a LOT of minutes added to your morning routine.  It may sound impossible if you don’t already do some of those things.  And it would actually be very hard to add them all at once!  But if you chose one to add, my believe is that just one of those things added to your morning routine would improve your focus, and your mind enough to make up for the time you used doing it.  It would probably take getting up those few minutes earlier…but you would be paid back more than you sacrificed, and might even feel better the next morning.  And it’s possible after a short period of time you might be excited to get up!

7.     Another thing that should be considered is dedicating some of your time to things that give you joy and relaxation.

8.     Another thing to think about is that reaching your goal is almost never a straight path.  Be flexible as things change.  Expect setbacks and obstacles.  Just expect it, and don’t be discouraged—be ready to adjust your route, or persevere through, or figure a way to go around the obstacle.  Be open to adjusting your plans, or your strategy, or even your goal if necessary.


Why do all these things??

Mainly, So you can enjoy the Journey (Your Life)It’s important to have that clear vision of the end result you want.  But if you don’t enjoy your every-day journey, you’ll miss a great blessing; your brain will get tired; your body will get overtired; you will feel overwhelmed; your immune system will be weakened.  It will be easy for you to “burn out” before you reach your goal.


1.     Your Loved Ones. At the very minimum, your relationships will have a hard time “growing” if they are not nourished and nurtured.  Chances are you would lack some strong and positive guidance and inspiration from them along your journey.  Let them enjoy the journey with you.

2.     Yourself; Your Rituals.  Our bodies are miraculously made to withstand A LOT.  But if we don’t care for ourselves, eventually our bodies may say, “that’s enough”, and they start giving us problems here and there.  Our bodies were made to move, to eat real food, and to rest.  If we deprive ourselves of these, over time we will suffer.  It’s very important to invest in ourselves.

3.     Meditation. Well, this could go under the category of taking care of ourselves.  But it stands good on its own too.  For centuries, meditation has had scientifically proven benefits, from reducing stress, improving focus and concentration, and better memory and problem-solving abilities.  It can also do physical things, like lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, strengthen your immune system and improve your sleep quality.  Really, it’s something good to try.

4.     Journaling. Individual experiences vary based on how consistent it is done, and how honest and open the journaler is in their writing.  Research suggests several benefits from writing down your thoughts, feelings and experiences regularly: A. Emotional well-being, since you are using an outlet for self-expression and self-reflection. B. Stress reduction; you can gain a sense of relief and the ability to release negative emotions. C. Improved mood, and reduced symptoms of depression. D. Greater ability for problem-solving.  It seems you gain clarity in analyzing situations with different perspectives and insights. E. Better memory. F. It is linked to several health improvements, asthma symptoms, arthritis symptoms, improving your sleep, etc. G. Helps you reach your goals by giving you focus on your life.

5.     Reading Books stimulate the brain, which improves your memory, your concentration, your attention span, and has been associated with reduced risk of cognitive decline and age-related memory loss.  Fictional books allow us to immerse ourselves into the lives of the characters, and can give us an escape from daily pressure. Of course, we also acquire new knowledge about different things.  Reading also stimulates the creative centers in your brain.  Reading and learning, investing in your knowledge—these things will help you tackle challenges more effectively.  Reading is good!

6.     Food Prep. Possibly one of the harder ones to tackle—taking the time to think—“What’s for Dinner” and coming up with an idea that will work for you on this day.  Ideally, we would do this ahead for 3-4 days or so a week.  But if you don’t, eating good quality food for dinner can be a real challenge.  If you want your evenings to go smoother, and not tax your brain and your stress-level as soon as you get home this will work wonders in improving your energy and your stress level, and your whole evening time.  One idea is to regularly and intentionally buy good quality real food—not the Standard American Diet.

7.     If you ADD JOY and Fun to your life, it will pay you in great dividends in your frame of mind, in your relationships, your mood, and your stress level.




Let’s Enjoy our Journeys to our Goals…


My Goal, for some time, has been to offer an Online Group Coaching Course.  Well.  It’s still my Goal.  I’m consistently, week by week, working toward it.


I’ve had two main hurdles.  Tech, and Fear of being on Video.  Crazy, huh.  I want an online course, but I don’t want to be on video.  LOL


Well, A week or so ago, I finally did my first video to put out on line.  I finally actually posted it on my business Facebook page.  People looked at it.  Some people even “liked” it.  And I’m still alive. :)


Sometimes I try to get so many things done (all at once), I get overwhelmed, and frozen.  I have a in-person group coaching class this Saturday.  I love it.  It inspires me.  But most important, my people seem to enjoy it…and Learn!


So as I continue to work on “doing video”, I will also nudge my self to focus more on learning the tech that goes with my online class.  And to learn to video my in-person class.  That would be a gift, to conquer videoing my in-person group class sessions.


And as I plod forward, one step at a time, one hurdle at a time, I will get there—one victory at a time (the sooner, the better!).


As you have read this far, then please dabble your toes into some part of these suggestions. Give it a try.  Your better well-being, your better health, and your Achievement of your Goals…could be just on the other side.




I have gradually learned, and am still learning, to take better care of myself, giving myself time to re-charge, and to taking that extra time for family.  It’s taken me a lot of years to learn these two things.  But it makes life so much more full, and more rewarding.


I have learned to meditate.  I try for twice a day, but almost always succeed at once a day.


I haven’t mastered journaling every day—that one needs more priority from me.


I have “learned to read”.  A LOT.  And I have learned to LOVE IT.  I read a lot of audio books while I’m driving too.  And we read the Bible every morning—which adds so much to our life.


I’m also much improved on thinking ahead on meals.  I still don’t have this mastered, but so much better than before when every evening was a stress, and cooking first thing when I got home…whatever I could come up with.


And Relaxation! When several years ago my doctor “prescribed” for me to sit on the porch and listen to the birds for 15 minutes every day…I actually couldn’t be still that long.  NOW, I CAN do it.  I don’t always, but I do add relaxing things into every day.  And I enjoy my outside walks.  This adds so much relaxation and enjoyment to my life.


All these things add up as powerful energy that helps me get toward my goals.  And I’m so glad I have added each one into my life.


I have learned to be more structured with my time, keeping certain days/times for certain tasks/projects.  It’s helped me be more organized, which gives me much less stress.


And even though I stay very busy (some would say over-busy), I feel less stressed; I enjoy my life and my work; my life and my home are less cluttered; I do things I enjoy—work in the garden in the evenings; I know pretty-much what we will be eating each day. 


I appreciate my family and all the people close to me in my life; my life is full in soooo many directions; and I’m thankful every day.


Help Yourself…Try one or two of these…


It’s worth the dedication in the direction of your goals!


(And as always, if I can help you in any way, please message me or email me for help.)


Thank you for reading.  I wish you the best in preparing for meeting your Goals!  And Enoying your Life!


Until next time…



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