The Holidays

Are Upon us!

Sharon J. Cole

I think sometimes—maybe most of the time—we want so much for things to be really, really nice (well, ok, perfect maybe), and when we see that NOT happening, we begin to stress. But maybe our “perfect-meter” needs to be adjusted… Relaxed a bit… So we can ENJOY the holidays..

It’s not Winter yet, my husband reminded me this morning…but it’s cold…and dreary…and wet…. I didn’t walk outside this morning because I didn’t want my hair to be in the mist…lame, I know.

But cold, dreary weather makes the lights shine brighter, so let’s get those lights up, and start spreading some holiday cheer!!

Christmas doesn’t have to mean spending a ton of money.  I’m going to be making a few sweets for gifts this year.  I stay pretty-much away from them, myself, but I love to cook and bake, and most people love special Christmas stuff!  Given with a nice card and include heartfelt messages.

Or if you are “crafty”, you could have all sorts of things to make which would probably be cheaper than buying gifts.

Another thing we’ve done, I resisted for a long time, but there got to be quite a large number of people in the family, and if you intended to buy for each one, which I did intended to do that… we started drawing names, and each person only giving one gift.  We usually draw names during Thanksgiving week.

Our Christmas meal, which we also pared down to “finger food” is now potluck.  Everyone brings at least one item of their favorite food, and we have such a great variety!  We try new recipes, and use old family recipes.  My nephew always makes “Little Grammy’s” rum cake, so we can eat and remember she used to make one for us every year.  (She also would make one for each of us and she’d bring it to each of our places of work for us to share her gift.  Everywhere we have worked remembers Little Grammy’s treats she used to bring.) (Little Grammy is my mom.  She passed away at 99, three years ago.) 

A niece brings her specialty, strawberries that are filled with goodness of some kind and I think has some chocolate on them, plus some kind of delicious crumbs.  I just remember how delicious they are!  I look forward to them.  I tried a new recipe last year—stuffed dates, which were good, but looked terrible.

After we eat, we play “dirty Santa”, and everyone brings a gift, and we draw numbers.  Number 1 chooses a gift from the array of packages, then Number 2 can either “steal” the first gift, or choose the gift that looks like what they want, and then on down the numbers with each person choosing—or stealing—a gift.  Sometimes it gets pretty ruthless, but it’s all in fun and we enjoy that every year.  And it’s so much better than buying gifts for so many.

There are too many people for our house these past few years, so we’ve been cleaning and decorating the garage each year, putting carpet on the floor, and lights up, making it nice and festive.  We set up tables and chairs, and decorate the tables with greenery and flowers and candles, then get some special little candies of different kinds, and spread on the tabletops.

This year I’m going to make a hot chocolate bar, with all the trimmings.  I’m borrowing a large coffee pot for hot water, and having everything lined up in pretty little dishes, for people to choose what they want to add to their cup.  I think it will add to the festivity, and hopefully will feel special.  I’m pretty excited about that!

I also am looking at a recipe for wrapping some shrimp in bacon and roasting them, maybe adding some cheese inside.  I may have to try it ahead of time so I’ll know how it will turn out beforehand—and not repeat the date recipe error.  And if I don’t get all that done… Well, I happened to notice that Sam’s Club sells them like that, frozen and ready to bake!

I know it’s hard to do all our regular work during the holidays and yet get Christmas done, at the same time.  One thing I’ve done this year is, Make My List… then Prioritize it… Even write down when I plan to do each thing.

  •  If you do this, and everything won’t fit in your calendar, it’s a Gift! Because then you KNOW ahead of time, that you CAN’T get it all DONE!!  So you KNOW, you need to re-group and re-arrange that list, TAKE THINGS OUT—instead of trying to FIT everything in!
  • Also, when you Prioritize it, the really IMPORTANT things DO get done, and the rest…well…it just may not get done.  Oh, well.  Prepare for that, and know that could happen.  AND KNOW that you’re not going to be STRESSED about it!

My tree is up.  Has been for about a week.  Lights on? Nope. So I can’t decorate yet… I bought LED lights.  I didn’t get enough.  Our little Walmart seems to have sold out of LED lights already.  Well, I’m going to re-group tomorrow (first day it has fit into my schedule!!) and decide how to go forward. Then just either use less lights, or mix with regular incandescent lights.  I mean, REALLY, who will care?  I’m pretty sure I’m the only one! So I just will “let it go”, as it will be, and not stress!

I think sometimes—maybe most of the time—we want so much for things to be really, really nice (well, perfect maybe), and when we see that NOT happening, we begin to stress.  But maybe our “perfect-meter” needs to be adjusted…Relaxed a bit...  So we can ENJOY the holidays.

I hope you CHOOSE the things you want to ENJOY the most this holiday season, and that you relax about the rest of it.  I happen to know it’s easier said than done, but I also happen to know, IT CAN HAPPEN, if we’re intentional about it ahead of time.  Let’s be Intentional. 

And while we’re at it, let’s be intentional about building in some time for us to simply “be still” and soak up some peace in the stillness.  Take this time—more than once or twice if you can—to just enjoy some quiet, and reflection on the year, and things you’re thankful for.

I hope we can all have more Peace and Tranquility than ever this year, and I also hope we can Share that Peace with Someone we Know, and then maybe Someone we Don’t Know.

To Your Peaceful “Getting Ready” for Christmas…


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