The Best Laid Plans...

Sharon Cole


OK! Lists are done! Priorities are numbered! Oh… and REMEMBER… the Best Laid Plans… Yes. There are always Unexpected Happenings, Urgent Unplanned Needs, and just the interruptions of Life in General!  

All plans were made…The Family Reunion happened…during our scheduled time in our real estate commercial booth at the fair! Family coming from afar… confusion of schedules, confusion, confusion… Yes. We survived. You know, sometimes, we just have to face all that confusion, and flow with it, and enjoy the things we can, and take breaths in between.  

The family time was Great! The others in our real estate office took up slack for us. Getting to see family we hadn’t seen in years was an awesome re-connect. Such a valuable happening in our lives. They planned it already for next year (uhhh…same time of year…during our county fair). We’ll do it again. And enjoy it again!  

Then, getting ready to share a booth at our local health fair at our local hospital, with a Naturopathic Doctor I just met a month ago! Exciting, and Scary! No need for stress. We all totally enjoyed it, I got to get to know Dr. Carmen Jones better, and I was able to have a good platform to let people know what (else) I am doing.  

I loved spending time with Dr. Carmen and her dad, and look forward to getting to know her better and working with her.  

All in all, I’m settling down into my dual role of coaching and running our real estate office, and working out my schedule more sensibly and with better priorities. I’m relaxing in between--instead of stressing over so many directions. I’m enjoying the beginning of seeing my new ideas begin to happen. Things still pop up unexpectedly; emergencies still happen. But I’m learning to flow better with the stressful things, knowing they’re coming, and working my way through them—so I can help people learn how to maneuver through stress. It’s amazing how this gives me courage and energy to tackle more!  

I’m now meeting with someone to work on a separate building so I can plan some group coaching sessions! That will be coming next!  

And…Who’s in Charge of my Life? I am!  

Have a Calm Week. If not, let me know if I can help you Add Calm to your Chaos!  

Calmly in Charge…  

Until Next Time,


If you would like to schedule a one-on-one session with me, just email me and let me know.  I respond to email, and I’m here and I want to help you.  Let’s create some more Calm together.

Meet Sharon

Sharon is the founder of Where is Your Calm, and is dedicated to the wellness of every client she has. She graduated from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy in 2019 and has been doing group coaching and individual coaching since then.

Sharon is a caring haven for people of all ages to address their overwhelm and overwork, helping them to improve their life with small changes in their lifestyle and nutrition habits. She regularly attends classes and training to keep up with the most innovative practices to address her clients' needs.  

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