Functional Medicine...Believe the Difference

Sharon J Cole

You don’t believe people can re-create their bodies to be healthy and energetic—full of life?


I have clients who would say you should believe it.

Because they’ve experienced the changes back to good health—some with lifestyle changes along with pharmaceuticals, others with only lifestyle and food changes.


If you have chronic health problems, or problems with your health at all, low energy, lack of sleep, skin problems, autoimmune issues…don’t let Standard American Thinking keep you from believing—you can change that!  You can change your life.


We’ve been programmed our whole lives to believe diabetes can not be reversed.  And that high blood pressure needs medicine to become normal again.  And that there’s no real cure for psoriasis; no cure for autoimmune diseases…and on, and on…


…to believe that these diseases and illnesses and conditions must be treated with prescription drugs.




1.       Our bodies were not actually made to digest drugs—I know they are necessary at times, and they help us with our symptoms… but …

2.       Drugs can be necessary—and I’m very thankful for them and the doctors and researchers who searched out and invented them.  They have truly saved lives.  But they can also be bad for us—and cause bad things to happen in our bodies.

3.       Everyone’s different.  Symptoms may be the same…but that doesn’t mean it’s the same illness or condition causing those symptoms.  And everyone reacts differently to remedies.

4.       The causes of most modern-day diseases that cripple the hearts, minds and bodies of Americans today are in our diets and lifestyles.  But most Americans are programmed, or taught (from very well-meaning adults) from childhood to believe that medicine is the “cure”.

5.       Medicine has the power to make the symptoms better.  But it almost never “cures”.  Let’s go for the cure…

6.       Lifestyle change can be hard, but if we realize the “truths” we learned from childhood are not actually true, and that we actually CAN take control of our health, the change is in looking forward to wellness instead of looking toward what illness will “come upon us” next, and how many medicines we will be taking.  It changes our whole mindset.  And life gets a whole lot easier.  And you feel good.

7.       Doctors are wonderful.  They are vitally needed.  And traditional doctors in today’s world are realizing that there can be better ways to treat patients, diseases and illnesses, than prescriptions and surgery.


So… Let me introduce you to Functional Medicine…


Have you been plagued with symptoms and can’t find out how to get better?

As I mentioned, everyone is different.  What causes your headache (or skin rash, or backache, or lack of sleep, etc) can be totally different from what causes the next person’s problem, yet they appear to be the exact same.


Functional Medicine’s goal is to find out what actually causes the symptoms, and treat the cause instead of the symptoms.


There are some pretty basic things that are good for everyone, but to alleviate a problem, the treatment should be personalized to you, and your specific life, and body.  That’s what Functional Medicine Physicians do.

You can learn all the fine details, including finding Functional Medicine Practitioners at the website,


An example of this personalized treatment would be, if you take blood pressure medicine to make your blood pressure come into line with the recommended range, the medicine would probably do what it was made to do: bring your blood pressure numbers into the normal range.

          But what if you actually found the cause of the elevated blood pressure—and removed the cause!  Do you believe your blood pressure would come back into its normal range?  Well, Yes.  That’s what happens.  Sometimes it may be fairly easy; sometimes not as easy—just like when you use blood pressure medicine.


Let me clarify.  I am in no way recommending that you not take your prescribed medication.  What I would recommend is talking with your doctor and asking if he or she is aware that this change is possible with basic changes in diet and lifestyle.  If your doctor does not know that it is possible, I would recommend finding a Functional Medicine Physician, or the equivalent, and work with that physician to help you reach your health goals.

          Functional Medicine practitioners have the ability to prescribe the exact same medication as a general practitioner or traditional doctor, and they do prescribe them when necessary.  But they often use natural remedies and therapies.  Their main focus is on eliminating the cause of the issue, and many times the symptoms disappear without the prescription.


Functional Medicine Health Coaches help with the changes you would like to make in your life—either working with your doctor, or working directly with you based on your goals for your health and your life.


Here are some of the basic issues that a Functional Medicine Health Coach may help you with, working with whatever goals you may have for your life:


1.       Good quality sleep.  Our body heals and regenerates while we sleep.  It’s something that’s necessary in order to heal.  And if you’re not having success with this, a Functional Medicine Health Coach will work with you to determine the underlying reason, and together come up with a plan as to what changes you would want to make, so you can choose some small tweaks to make to your habits to bring yourself better sleep.


2.       Stress Relief.  So many people are overburdened with stress, it has changed our lives, worldwide.  Surveys show that over 75% of trips to doctors have their origin in their patients being over-stressed.  But there truly are small, simple changes you can make in your lifestyle and habits that can actually relieve stress and help you feel more at ease, and calm.


3.       Nutrition.  Without good nutrition, our bodies and minds can’t reach its intended potential—feeling good, and having energy!  Most statistics show that today 80% of our American population does not get proper nutrition.  It’s known as the “Standard American Diet”.  We’ve learned a lot of information our whole lives about food that is not correct.  Like, who knew “vegetable oil” actually be an (according to an article in the Atlantic in 2012) one of the worst things we could consume.

          (The story: Cottonseed oil was a waste product of farming, which before being processed, is toxic to most animals, causing dangerous spikes in potassium levels, organ damage, and paralysis. When a new food processing ability was invented, it was called hydrogenation, and cottonseed oil found its way into the kitchens of American homes.  In 1907, Proctor & Gamble purchased the U.S. rights and patents, and sold the new substance that looked like the popular cooking fat of the day—lard.  It was hydrogenated vegetable oil from cottonseed oil.  It was named Crisco.  It was marketed as healthier for digestion (there were no regulations on marketing at this time).  It was 50% trans fat and it was about 90 years later before the health risks were understood.  The article stated that for every 2% increase in consumption of trans fat (found in almost all processed and fast food today), the risk of heart disease increases by 23%.  The article was written by Drew Ramsey, MD and Tyler Graham (former editors of Prevention magazine) in 2011.)

          There are so many thoughts that come to mind on the subject of nutrition.  But the best basic guide for this condensed space would be:

          The best nutrition comes from real food, organic when possible.


4.       Movement.  Or more plainly, Exercise.  You know, our bodies were made to move.  They weren’t made to sit still continually.

          When we so much as walk for 15-30 minutes a day, it does so many good things for us.  It lubricates our joints, it fills our lungs with oxygen which filters all through our bodies; it makes us stronger; it strengthens our bones.  It takes away anxiety better than pills; it helps us sleep; it makes us just plain feel better.  And if it’s a walk outside, the benefits are magnified—just helps lift our soul.  But as with all these lifestyle shifts, it must be consistent for the best benefits to show up.


5.       Good Relationships also increase our well-being and our health.  If you don’t have a friend, reach outside your comfort zone and make one. Pets can even lift our spirits and help us have a sense of calm.  It’s so good for us to interact with people.  It’s like, that’s what we were meant for.


So this is a little snippet of information that can change your life, and add years to your life.


If you need a doctor, you can find one.  And if you have trouble finding one, I can help you.  If you need help getting healthy, I can help you.  I can help you with tools and resources for lasting change, and with guidance and support.  ALWAYS going by your goals, and by the path you choose to travel for your chanages.


You can improve your overall health and wellbeing.  I’m here…I answer my messages and emails.


I’m looking forward to having in-person 4-week class sessions (one day a week) in Mena soon, and am planning an online class in April. 


In the meantime, please let me know if you need any help at all.  Phone, email, or Messenger.


Thank you for reading my letters.  Love, and Good Health to you!



If you would like to schedule a one-on-one session with me, just email me and let me know.  I respond to email; I’m here and I want to help you.  Let’s create some more Calm together.

Meet Sharon

Sharon is the founder of Where is Your Calm, and is dedicated to the wellness of every client she has. She graduated from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy in 2019 and has been doing group coaching and individual coaching since then.

Sharon is a caring haven for people of all ages to address their overwhelm and overwork, helping them to improve their life with small changes in their lifestyle and nutrition habits. She regularly attends classes and training to keep up with the most innovative practices to address her clients' needs.  

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